Game Updates: Spot the Difference Game Beta 1.0.0

Play it here

Omoshiroi Spot the Difference Version 1.0.0 Beta

We are now done with the first version of our spot the difference game. The game is still in its beta stage, meaning there would be room for a lot of changes and improvements. You can play it here and give it a review!

Version 1.0.0 Beta

First of all we defined our game to be packed with Japanese anime characters. And because of that, we named our game Omoshiroi Spot the Difference. Omoshiroi means interesting in Japanese. And we think that our game is also interesting.

We didn’t want the spot the difference game to be just another photoshop edited picture game. That’s why we decided to created our own art from scratch.

In this beta stage, you can play 10 levels of our game. The next 10 levels are already being worked on and should be done by next month. Please just ignore the 2nd book that you can find in the menu screens.

On each level, you could set the difficulty to easy, medium, hard, or challenge. On each, setting, the game would have different time limits, number of differences to find, and rewards. Also, because of the game design, the images of each level becomes more complicated depending on the difficulty settings.

The time limit works in such a way that it counts up. And the only use of that is to let you know how long have you been staring at the picture and to tell if you are still able to get the reward after finishing the game.  In example, on medium difficulty, you need to finish the game in less than 60 seconds in order to get the reward. We cut off the time at 999, which is over 15 minutes. The game will not end and you can still continue playing, but the timer will stop. If you can’t finish the game given that time, then maybe you can try playing the game in an easier difficulty setting. We suggest that you start from easy and work your way up to challenge. If you are stuck in the game, you can hit the pause button and the level select button should bring you back to the level select screen.

Pause Button Omoshiroi Version 1.0.0 Beta
Pause Button Omoshiroi Version 1.0.0 Beta
Level Select Button Omoshiroi Version 1.0.0 Beta
Level Select Button Omoshiroi Version 1.0.0 Beta

We are also experimenting on making the game playable on landscape mode. You could probably expect that change on the next update.


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