BeCreative - Cute Cats

BeCreative – Cute Cats

BeCreative - Cute Cats
BeCreative – Cute Cats

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Who doesn’t want to color cute adorable cats? This app is perfect for all the cat lovers out there. Coloring is soooo easy, even a baby can do it. We do not like the tap to color idea. That is why we want you to swipe to color our cute cats. Tapping to color is just cheating yourself in becoming artistic.

This is an improvement to our previous app Free Easy Kids Coloring Book and it IS a must try coloring book app!
The best coloring book for kids who want to make great pictures for mommy and daddy but are too hyper active when coloring!

• 5 coloring books with 10 pages per book! That’s a total of 50 coloring pages with adorable pictures to have fun with!
• Use the color picker in the menu to access all possible colors.
• Resize your “brush” to be more accurate.
• Save and continue anytime! Never worry about unfinished business. Save and continue anytime allows you to play with BeCreative – Cute Cats for a few seconds and save your work then continue coloring the next day.
• Enhanced color picker allows you to even how dim or how light your colors should be.
• NEVER make mistakes like coloring outside of outer lines!

Give this app to your kids and let them experience coloring without getting frustrated.


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