Earth vs Space

Earth vs Space
Earth vs Space

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Earth vs Space is a game where armagedon meets bubble shooter.

The earth is on collision with an asteroid belt. Although there is no escaping its fate, you must still try to last as long as you can in this endless waves of falling space rocks.
The gameplay is similar to bubble shooter. But since we are in space, not all the asteroids will drop if they are not the same color as the bomb that hit them.

We made the game easy and simple so that anyone can learn how to play the game fast.
– Simple game play.
– Only 4 colors to match.
– Asteroids and bombs float down if they were not knocked out by a similar color.
– Only 8 tiles width, which makes is easier to play.
– Hit the sides to earn higher points.
– After some time, the game gets more difficult, but you also gain more points.
– Easy share to facebook.

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